Jyotri Gnata

Son of Professor Ghanshyam Joshi M.A World Renowned (Astro-Palmist) Cheirologist. Siddharth G. Joshi is practising Astro-Numerology since1970 and is appreciated by eminent personalities.

Consultant in Life Problems since 1970

  • Lecturer,Consultant and Advisor in Vastu guidance of House, Office, workshop.
  • Advisor in selection of Land, Elevation and Designing of Multistoried Apartments, Offices, Factories, malls mutiplexes.
  • Valuable consultant in reconstructing, redesigning, reopening of disputed and closed down properties under disputes.
  • Reputed advisor, Counseller and Consultant in solving problems of life with the science of Numerolagy and Astrology.
  • Writer of Articles on probabalities and experience of love marriage.
  • Consultant in Colors, Gemstones, Lucky numbers, Mantra for power, Yantra, Favourable Dates, Years etc

Industrialist Since

  • Partner of Paper Converting industry since 1963.
  • Propriter of packaging material mfg. since 1990.
  • Industrial Consultant on basis of numerology to various manufacturers and enterprenuers.
  • Specialist in naming of Products, Company, Newly married, New born child for better achivements and progress in activities.

Lottery Prize

  • In 1970 he was a lottery prize winner at Haryana on basis of theory of numbers affecting every human being. Articles published in Newspapers as "Fortunate Son of fortune teller". In Gujrati as "Bhavishya Vettano Bhagyashaali Putra".

Travelled to Foreign Countries

  • Travelled to HongKong, Tokyo, Singapore for the expansion and modernisation of his industry in 1982.
  • Travelled to Dubai, Bahrain as a consultant in Astrology & Numerology in 1986 to 1990.
  • Travelled to London & Florida, USA as Vastu Consultant, Astrologer and Vedic Agnihotra Brahmin to initiate and advise people on positive energy emitted by yagna and havan-the only energy against the gravitational forces on the Earth.